Cybercrime Awareness Session at Ology Tech School

Cybercrime Awareness Session at Ology Tech School

Unveiling the Success of the Cybercrime Awareness Session at Ology Tech School.

Date: March 4th, 2024
Venue: Ology Tech School, Mugalivakkam, Chennai
Presenter: Mr. Balu Swaminathan

The cybercrime awareness session held at Ology Tech School was highly successful and engaging. Balu Swaminathan, the presenter, delivered a comprehensive presentation to approximately 100 students from the school. Despite the last-minute nature of the invitation, the session was well-received, with both the school management and students showing eagerness to participate.

Key Highlights

Engagement: The session fostered an interactive environment where students actively participated by asking questions and engaging in discussions.

Content: Balu Swaminathan covered various aspects of cybercrime awareness, providing valuable insights and practical tips to safeguard against cyber threats.

Duration: The session lasted from 12:45 P.M. to 14.15 p.m., ensuring ample time for thorough discussion and clarification of doubts.

Smooth Proceedings: The session proceeded smoothly, with Balu Swaminathan effectively addressing queries and maintaining the flow of the presentation.

Conducive Learning Environment: The atmosphere during the session was conducive to learning, with students showing genuine interest and enthusiasm for the topic.

Overall, the cybercrime awareness session at Ology Tech School was a resounding success. Balu Swaminathan’s informative presentation, coupled with active participation from students, contributed to raising awareness about cybersecurity and promoting safer online practices among the student community.

Future Recommendations
To further enhance cybersecurity awareness, future sessions could incorporate interactive activities and real-life case studies to illustrate the importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital age.

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