M.Sc. Electronics;
M.Sc. Cyber Forensics & Information Security
Joint Treasurer, Cyber Society of India

Mr.Durai Kannaiyan is a Data Governance Specialist (SG8) and plays a key role in Data Privacy and Security. He has many certifications namely InfoSec, Data Privacy & Agile, CISA®, CISM®, CDPSE®,
PMP ®, CSM ®, and CDPP. He has immense experience in Security & Control, Internal Audits & Compliance, HR, OGC & a Safety Specialist. He had implemented several projects in Waterfall, Agile methodology in Ford / Non-Ford companies. He is an avid speaker and presenter in various conferences like ISACA, PSG Tech, Indian Cyber Congress 2020 to name a few. He has other varied interests like participating in Marathon, Gardening and Cooking.